Anger is a primitive reaction and activates the fight or flight area of your brain – the amygdala. This increases your heart rate and blood pressure, pumps blood to your muscles, and increases your strength so you’re ready for action. This helped our ancestors to survive living in hostile times, but in today’s world this type of reaction is rarely needed.

Hypnosis for anger management can help you in all areas of your life, from relationships and family, to work and competitive hobbies. We use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, a combination of neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis. Our highly effective approach focuses on the positive and helps you look to the future, so you’ll begin to feel in control and enjoy your life again.

At your free initial consultation, we will explain how the mind and body work in relation to anger, discuss your triggers and how we can help you. Your sessions will be tailored to fit your situation, needs and what you want to achieve. You will take away a free relaxation track to listen to as you go to sleep at night, this will enhance the quality of your sleep and boost your self-esteem.

During your sessions, we help you set up a variety of emotional coping mechanisms so you can deal with situations, accept feedback and interact with others calmly and rationally. Within the session we use hypnosis, this is a state of highly focused attention (much like a day dream) often associated with relaxation and heightened suggestibility.

At this time, we can connect with your subconscious mind which controls your emotions and feelings. In hypnosis, your subconscious mind is highly receptive to suggestions, and we use this time to help you feel relaxed and calm when you experience triggers that would usually generate an angry or aggressive reaction.

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