When you’re depressed the primitive evolutionary part of your mind, which helped our early ancestors survive in the wild, is much more active. This primitive part of the brain sees things from a negative perspective because it’s designed to be vigilantly looking out for danger. And although we’ve evolved we still have those primitive responses.

In our world today, these natural responses might make you feel tired, hopeless and unable to see a way out. Perhaps you can’t face going to work, sleep evades you, you’re not interested in spending time with family and friends and feel your life is on hold.

At your free initial consultation we’ll talk to you about the causes of your depression and your symptoms. This means that we can tailor your solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions to your individual needs, and what you want to achieve.

In your sessions we will help you deal with all the emotional, physical and cognitive symptoms of your depression, helping you feel happier and more content –and to feel like you again. We will guide you gently into hypnosis, a state of deeply focused attention. Your conscious mind will be relaxed so we can connect with your subconscious mind, which controls your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

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