Giving birth is a natural process that your body instinctively understands. Hypnobirthing helps you reconnect to these subconscious instincts, and trust that your body is perfectly designed to birth your baby.

During your sessions you’ll learn how to:

Use both your mind and body to remain focused and in control

Use positive thoughts, visualisation, deep relaxation and breathing techniques

Instantly enter into self-hypnosis to relax your muscles

Work with your medical team to achieve the birth you want, as you’ll know how your body functions both before and during your baby’s birth.

So why is hypnobirthing a good idea?

In some cultures, childbirth is a natural, normal event in a woman’s life. The birthing process is well supported by other women, and children are often onlookers during the process. The belief that birth is a positive event is then passed down to the younger female generation, whose birthing experiences continue without pain and fear.

However, in the Western world childbirth can be fraught with fear, anxiety and negative pre-conceptions. You might have heard distressing stories from well-meaning friends and family, passing down a negative belief system so you expect to experience pain in childbirth.

When you feel fear during childbirth, your body releases stress hormones that trigger the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. This has a direct impact on your body, causing your muscles to tighten, slowing down the birthing process and increasing pain – creating a cycle of fear, tense muscles and painful contractions.

When you’re under hypnosis we can train your subconscious mind to expect a safe, calm and gentle birth. We’ll help to create a positive cycle of a calm, deeply-relaxed mind and body, effective contractions and manageable sensations.

Your partner is also important in your childbirth experience, and they are welcome at your hypnotherapy sessions. We help them form a specific role for themselves, so you can focus calmly on the birth.

During your course you’ll also receive a complimentary five-part relaxation audio. This is to help you practice self-hypnosis at home to ensure you have a calm, confident childbirth experience.

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