Struggling with your weight can be a long, lonely and challenging journey. Whether you’re a yo-yo dieter, an emotional eater, or just can’t find the will power to stick to a healthy eating plan, we’re here to help.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy finds and tackles the cause of your weight gain, making it a highly effective way to help you lose weight.

We’ll help you change your attitude towards eating and food, lose weight steadily and healthily – and keep it off too.
We all have subconscious beliefs about food and food habits, which we learn as children. Changing what you eat means you’re fighting against these core childhood beliefs, making it hard to stick to the eating habits needed for weight loss.

Our brains are also naturally programmed to seek out food, so restricting your food intake puts your brain into panic mode. Your brain thinks you’re starving, increases your anxiety levels and makes your body produce the stress hormone cortisol – which hoards fat.

At your sessions we’ll help you understand how your mind/body system works and gently guide you into hypnosis. We’ll be able to work with your relaxed subconscious mind, introducing positive reinforcement to encourage better eating habits. We’ll also reduce your overall stress, which decreases the release of cortisol and helps you lose weight naturally.

You’ll also receive a FREE relaxation MP3 to help improve your sleep patterns, which will also help you lose weight. If you’re not getting enough quality sleep you’ll have increased levels of the hormone Ghrelin, causing you to feel hunger, and less of the hormone Leptin – which suppresses the appetite.

Our approach uses neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapy as well as hypnosis, which will help you to make a real difference to your relationship with food.

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