I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Manisha

It was by chance that I came across the idea of hypnotherapy. I was a smoker and in the words of Noel Coward ‘giving up smoking was easy, I’d done it loads of times!’ I was unmotivated, stressed and wasn’t positive about the prospect of hypnotherapy working.

Having had 1 session I left the building not wanting a cigarette! What’s remains a revelation to me was the lack of physical withdrawal I experienced. I also continued to lose weight! I had a particularly stressful time at work so felt in need of another session and left feeling in control and looking forward to returning to work.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Manisha. She was professional and effective.


From a tangled mess of emotional experiences I couldn’t rationalise, to understanding

I felt stressed, angry, disillusioned, like every day was a challenge just to feel happy. I didn’t know how to fix this, I just thought that this was just the way I was made. At one time or another, through out my life, I’d tried everything to numb myself of being me. A lot of the time, I just didn’t want to be who I was, but didn’t know how to change.

Having someone that took the time to unravel my head was pretty amazing to be honest. I’d never let anyone do this before / thought it was actually possible to do so this was cool. As time went on I started noticing that I was feeling better; more able to rationalise things. My thinking was taking a different shape. At times I was lost for words, at other times I was laughing about how much sense stuff made. Hypnotherapy itself was brilliant – a fantastic way to develop focus, reflect, and work out a new way forwards.

From a tangled mess of emotional experiences I couldn’t rationalise, to understanding. This was a hugely significant thing for me. I think anyone that can recite the quantity of information that I put in front of them in the first place should have a medal, but to be able to untangle it all is amazing. Add this to the tailored solution worked on as part of the treatment offered and you soon realise that hypnotherapy is going to be hugely beneficial and all that comes from the person providing the treatment.


I felt it very easy to listen and trust you

I felt very much out of control with a few aspects in my life,especially my weight I couldn’t get my head around dieting. I felt very relaxed and comfortable in your therapy room and with you, you were very calming and relaxed with me so I felt it very easy to listen and trust you.

From my time with you it made me feel very much more relaxed and in control of my feelings and much more able to take back the control in my life that I was lacking in. I would definitely recommend any of my friends or family to try hypnotherapy, I think it’s always good to open your mind to things you haven’t tried before and give them a chance to improve your life.


I was so relaxed at the end of each visit

I was a chronic asthmatic and I wanted to try and control my anxiety and feel more comfortable to go out and be happy with my own company. I also wanted to get back into exercise and be able to do things again that made me happy.

The visits were just wonderful. I really enjoyed unloading my troubles and working out how to deal with them. I also found it great how manisha would help me work it out without really helping and it was me that worked it out without realising. I was so relaxed at the end of each visit and I always went in to a trance.

I am very well in my health now. I haven’t be anxious since I have finished my sessions. I am happy every day and even if I am having a bad day I know the tools to use to help me deal with things. I have lost 2 stone in weight and I am running 4 times a week and getting married next year. My life has totally changed as a result of manisha!


I have my life back

I chose hypnotherapy for help to lose weight but after four sessions came to the realisation that weight loss wasn’t the core problem. The therapist helped me to understand what was the real problem and guided my thoughts to find a solution. I found this realisation liberating like a veil had fallen and allowed me to see workable practical options.

I have my life back. Without the constant worrying nagging feeling I feel free.


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