Kind and very understanding

My daughter Hollie who is 14 years old and works extremely hard at school. But when it comes to sitting an exam she goes to pieces and is unable to write anything down. We have tried everything to calm her nerves. Then a very dear friend of mine recommend that Sarah come and hypnotise her, we were prepared to give anything a go. When we first met Sarah we instantly liked her, she is very calm and kind and very understanding.

Sarah came to hypnotise Hollie several times, reassuring her she could do these exams and building her confidence with positive thoughts. Hollie still gets a little nervous before her exams, but she can now put pen to paper and answer the questions. Hollie has got extremely good results, thanks to Sarah’s positive attitude and help. We would recommend Sarah to anyone, we are so grateful.

Kim and Hollie.

Very relaxing and a very positive

Before I saw Sarah I had lost a lot of weight and didn’t trust myself now the dieting has finished I found my sessions with Sarah very relaxing and a very positive experience. It helped me to focus on everything I’m doing right and encouraged self-belief.

What would you say to someone thinking of using hypnotherapy?

I would say to anyone that hypnotherapy is very good for relaxation and self-worth.

Mandy, Cambridge.

Public speaking

Having heard positive comments about Hypnotherapy from friends, I decided it may be just the sort of thing I was looking for. My work life was causing me some stress, mainly due to the extra responsibilities required in my new role. And, in my personal life, I was still trying to adjust after the break-up of my 28 year marriage and grown up children leaving home.

I found Sarah to be positive and encouraging. From our first session I found Sarah to be helpful and, most important for me, empowering. I wanted to take control of my situation and find a different way of viewing things which Sarah helped me to do. Sarah has a lovely gentle manner which I easily responded to. What I particularly appreciated was the way she guided me into recognising that it is ME who changes the way I think and feel about things. That, in itself, was a revelation and I love the confidence that gives.

I have learnt such a lot about the way my brain works, thanks to Sarah’s coaching. What that has done is help me to see certain situations in a different way. Rather than instinctively reacting, I am learning to think before I act. I am so very grateful for Sarah’s help in this. I had a built in response to particular things which had a profoundly negative affect on me and could overshadow the rest of my day. Breaking that cycle has been empowering. Being taught that I was in control of my feelings, and not the other way round, has given me such confidence. That is, and will continue to be, of such value to me.

I would, without reservation, recommend the use of hypnotherapy. I know how it has helped me. For anyone who may be feeling a little nervous about taking that first session I would urge them to pluck up their courage and go. You will never know unless you try. I can assure them that they will be so happy that they did!

Julie, Saffron Walden.


Before my sessions with Sarah I suffered with anxiety, confidence and anger to the point where it was interfering with my everyday work and personal life. So I was advised that hypnotherapy was an effective option. This was something I was a little sceptical about before but now I have full faith in it!

From the beginning Sarah had said to me that she was no miracle worker and that the majority of the work had to come from myself. This at first I was unsure of but after following her instruction on homework and then relaying it back to her in sessions I slowly felt things were looking more positive. The sessions were always warm and welcoming but never condescending, which I have felt before with a counsellor. Our sessions were always calm and I loved the fact we never dwelled on the past it’s so refreshing to work towards the future you!

I still to this day write down my positives in my notebook and they grow every day. I find I don’t have as many meltdowns during the weeks over petty things because I can let most of it go. Sarah has helped me massively to be strong in my work environment as well as in a public one. She has helped me find small solutions to prevent stress for myself! I also continue to listen to her therapy tape and intend to in the future as I think it was always help me!

If you’re thinking of using hypnotherapy don’t judge it before you try it!!! It’s something that not a lot of people know about and it’s extremely interesting to know how your brain works and why we think, react and do the things we do. It’s also a really relaxed treatment, and shouldn’t be confused with what you see on TV.

Janet, Cambridge.


I had spent years letting my anxiety and fears rule my life. Exams, tests, interviews were far too much for me to deal with. This meant I didn’t fulfill my potential because I wouldn’t do them because I couldn’t face it. Or I would do them but it would take over my life in the build up to them. Friends and family would suffer because I became a horrible person to be around in the lead up to such events. I find it hard to deal with new people and to stick with things because I feel judged or silly. Sarah made me feel relaxed, listened to, a normal person trying to conquer a normal fear.

Sarah has given me the tools and coping strategies to keep working on improving how I deal with my anxiety and fears. I know they are still there but I will no longer let them hold me back. I am calmer, I can think through situations that would normally bring on a large amount of stress and work through it. Things in my life that I cant change I have been able to put in a place where I know they are there but they do not cause me stress day by day. I will face stressful situations that once I would have not put myself through i.e a promotion process. My friends and family see a different me a nicer calmer me. I was skeptical to start with, but have an open mind. If you think “this is just me, this is how I am”, give it a chance. Don’t expect this to be a miracle cure, you need to put in some hard work and keep it up but if you’re willing to do that it is amazing the difference it can make to your life.

I am so happy I made that contact with Sarah!

Donna, Cambridgeshire.

Lack of confidence

I am happy that I chose to visit a hypnotherapist because now I believe more in me. After every session I was feeling more confident, more positive, thinking that “I can do it”.

Working with Sarah was a very nice experience, she is a very good and positive person who listens well. I was happy all the time thinking that another session will come.

I am now more confident, believing and being myself, thinking positively about myself. I want a happy life and that’s what is motivating me.

Cristina, Cambridge.

Nail biting

Please can you give a brief statement of your situation before working with me and why you chose to visit a hypnotherapist?

I wanted to stop biting my nails that has been a habit since I was a child and is now causing me embarrassment as a 50 year old! I have tried to stop this habit on numerous occasions but never succeeded for more than a few weeks at a time. It seems to be something I revert to doing as soon as I become stressed and sometimes I was even unaware of it! I felt I needed to take a different approach and feel that I could succeed.

How did you find the experience of working with me during your visits?

I found Sarah to be very approachable. She made me feel at ease and was able to help me see how the pattern of my behaviour could be changed. She helped me to celebrate the smallest of steps and to see the positive. Whereas in the past I would have lost the will to stop biting my nails as soon as one of them was bitten or broke, I have learnt to focus on my success and this is more motivating! Sarah was very flexible. She was happy to arrange appointments during the early evening and on several times even came to my house as she was already close by. This was invaluable as I work full time and can not get time away from work easily.

Please outline the benefits and results you have enjoyed from working with me and what value it will bring to you moving forward?

I have noticed an improvement in my self-confidence, a real belief in myself and what I can achieve. At the current time I have nails that are longer than I can remember them being for many years and although I know I have not yet broken my ‘habit’, I feel much more in control. This positivity has spread to other areas and I can feel its impact. When working with Sarah, she suggested I listen to her CD to help me relax and sleep, and that I write down the positives as by doing so they become more memorable. I am continuing to do both of these things regularly as I noticed the impact such routines were having.

What would you say to someone thinking of using hypnotherapy?

Give it a go! You have nothing to lose and it may have a wider reaching impact than you imagined. For me it has been a wholly positive experience and I have no doubt that this is due to Sarah’s professional and yet personalised, approach.

Sandra Rand.



With the loss of my mum and husband to cancer within 6 years of each other I was struggling to move forward and was putting things off because I was scared of the future and doing new things without my husband, like progressing my career and selling my house. With a four year old at home I couldn’t carry on like that and was stuck. When I read about Sarah I realised that I needed help to build up my self-confidence and to re learn almost how to organise my time better and look after “me.” Sarah is so easy to talk too and incredibly friendly. I instantly felt very comfortable in her presence. I soon realised that this is what I needed. I didn’t want to spend hours upon hours talking my problems through to a therapist, I needed someone who could help guide me to finding my own solutions on how I could best move forward. Sarah helped me see that I needed to believe in myself more, that all the tools were there to help myself but that I just needed a little help from her. She helped me realise I should be congratulating myself for my achievements and not berating myself for not having done more. After seven sessions I am so much more positive about the future, I feel generally much happier. I get things done now and no longer procrastinate like I used to, and it now feels so good when I get things ticked off my list that my lists are shorter than ever!

With the help of the hypnosis I feel calmer and generally more content. My head was full before I met Sarah but I am able to deal with things much better and the anger I felt after losing my husband and mother has subsided.

I am a happier person therefore my son is happier and is doing extremely well.

I’ve realised that when it comes to mental health, good mental health is priceless. Thank you Sarah. I shall continue to see Sarah for top up sessions because I believe it has been so valuable.

Sally in Fakenham, Norfolk

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